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Tomorrow marks VibeSquaD’s last performance in Boulder at the legendary Fox Theatre alongside Unlimited Aspect, Unlimited Gravity, Project Aspect, and Godlazer.

This Saturday marks the legendary bass producer’s final show in Colorado as VibeSquaD at this venue, which is bringing some bittersweet feelings while writing this as we are sad to see the end this project but excited for the new ventures ahead for Aaron Holstein. You’ll only get the scoop on what to expect from his final show in Colorado and what new ventures are ahead for Aaron by reading this exclusive interview.


Aryonna Richard: What can your fans expect during your farewell Boulder show at the Fox Theater this Saturday night?

Aaron Holstein: “I have been having a lot of fun with these Farewell shows. I have been digging deep into the ten years of VibeSquaD repertoire, pulling out tunes I haven’t played in years and playing them back to back with stuff I’m just now finishing for my next (and final) VibeSquaD album “BassLove Forever”. It’s fun to create a unique set from over 120 tunes I have made over the years. I am playing synths live along with the show using a keytar and that has been another fun way of taking this material to new territory.”

AR: Are certain emotions starting to arise with your farewell show in Boulder being just a few days away?

AH: “Sure. Too be clear, this is my last show in Boulder, but I will be playing some more farewell tour stops before I retire the VibeSquaD project this Fall. The Fox Theater is a venue I have played numerous times over the last 20 years (I first played the Fox in 1996 with my band Boogie Shoes from Chicago) I believe I’ve done six VibeSquaD shows there, many Zilla shows. Years ago I played a show as guest guitarist for the Motet doing a Prince tribute. I got to play the guitar solo to “Purple Rain”. That was one of my favorite career moments. So I have loads of great memories playing at the Fox. I feel sentimental about playing my last Boulder VibeSquaD set there.”

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AR: As one of Colorado’s most beloved bass music producers and performers, what inspires you most in regards to the legacy you’ve created within the industry.

AH: “I am just honored to have been a small part of the soundtrack to some people’s lives. When someone tells me that one of my tunes inspired them, or was meaningful to them or personal in some way- it feels like a circle is complete. When I hear that I helped inspire someone to make their music, I am truly humbled.”

AR: 2016 marks your 10th year as VibeSquaD can you tell me about any particular moment that stands out as a defining moment that helped shape your career?

AH: “Wow. Tough question. There were a couple of moments that took everything up a few gear shifts for me. My band Zilla did a tour with Bassnectar in 2007, and I got to play some wild afterparties, and things started taking off on the west coast and in Boulder, the VibeSquaD set at Sonic Bloom in 2007 was a big boost (red feather lakes venue). Played some epic Burning Man sets between 2008-2011 that also seemed to shift gears.”

AR: What’s been the most difficult transition with this being your last year performing as VibeSquaD?

AH: “I have been traveling alone playing VibeSquaD sets for ten years. The most difficult transition for me is coming to terms with the uncertainty of what is next. I’ve been touring for so long I’m not sure what not touring looks like. I am making a movie that is taking up most of my time and energy right now. I will miss the endless VibeSquaD touring, but deep down it just feels like the right thing to do and the right time to do it.”

AR: How has the sound you’ve been able to create achieved your goals as an artist?

AH: “Thats a tough one. As an artist, I am always striving for new levels of creative expression. I’m not sure I will ever feel like I have achieved my goals. But one of my main goals is to make music that makes people feel good. When people tell me that that is happening, I do get a sense of satisfaction. But I’m pretty hard on myself, and I’m not too sure I have made a lasting mark musically yet. Still working on that…
AR: What creative endeavors are you excited to pursue after hanging up the VibeSquaD Jersey, we hear a screenplay is in the mix?

AH: I am deep in production of my 1st full length film “Fear of Missing Out” starring Michael Travis as a lonely thrift store employee who finds a locked briefcase at work that changes his life. It’s a hugely challenging project. I am wearing many hats: writer/director/editor/sound designer/composer (and even a bit of acting).

I am 100% invested personally in the project, and it has already been hugely educational, inspiring and humbling experience. I hope to release the film in the fall this year.

I have also been playing tons of piano, guitar, bass, drums, and singing in preparation for recording music for the film as well as an album of songs played on live instruments most likely to be released under my name (or maybe a new project name).”

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AR: What can you say about The Mile High Sound Movement crew and how it has been working with them over the past few years?

AH: “I love the MHSM crew, and I am proud of them for cultivating such a vibrant scene in Denver. Such a great group of positive, talented, hard working people! I am honored to share the stage with everybody this Saturday at the Fox!”

Don’t miss your last chance to see VibeSquD in his home town of Boulder and experience for yourself his set that encompasses so many different points in his career. You’ll hear songs you never thought you’d hear live again and enjoy many of his current jams. For tickets to this EPIC lineup filled with many of our own from the Mile High Sound Movement – click here.

You can enter the MHSM Ticket Giveaway HERE

Be sure to check out VibeSquaD at Sonic Bloom this year!

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