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If you’re looking for some positive vibes to uplift you, this new album “Vibe Theory” from Agent Zero will make your day. Agent Zero, based out of Philadelphia, brings the vibes with a blend of guitar riffs, funky beats and soothing melodies. This album also features some deep synth sounds vibrating to the core, mixed with some lighter and beautiful sounds for a transcendent experience.  

Founded by Noah Selwyn in 2011, Agent Zero quickly gained popularity on the East Coast, and has played a ton of festivals and alongside many of our favorite acts including CloZee, STS9, and Pretty Lights. The new era of EDM music incorporating live instruments into the mix is a favorite of mine. I love a guitar riff blended in with glitchy and soulful sounds. Agent Zero’s sounds are still unique though, adding just the right amount of glitch and harmony without overpowering the rest of the sounds.

I hadn’t heard any of Agent Zero’s music before checking out this album and I will definitely be on the lookout for more releases and any live shows in the future. “Vibe Theory” has a blend of smooth sounds, and entertaining feels. The entire album is worth listening to, but my favorite is “Cosmic Beach.” The journey from start to finish had my whole body tuned in. It starts out with a xylophone like sound with some beachy waves. I started feeling like I was relaxing on the beach instead of in front of the wall my computer is next too. The buildup is slow, as the waves get a little bit closer. At the 1:32 mark the beat drops with the dopest glitch sound and then fades out just enough to keep you moving. The rest of the song mellows out with favorable timing, to a beautiful ending.

The first song “M.U.S.E.” was the proper fit to start this album. It’s bouncy with a mellow background. One of those songs you would hear at the festival and throw all your hands in the air to let it all out and leave it on the dance floor. The mix of the sounds blended in has a satisfying balance. The best thing about EDM for me, is when artists can blend a bunch of sounds and it doesn’t drown out the other ones. Agent Zero does just that in every song. Agent Zero made its way into my top artists I have heard in 2020. Highly recommend checking out this album and adding some songs to your playlist for future listening.


“Agent Zero has built a name & following for the outfit’s signature forward-thinking, psychedelic dance music. Every listener will be hit hard with audio waves of love and inspiration, opening portals to feed your mind, body and soul.”

Melinda Mankins

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