The Mile High Sound Movement is an artist collective and record label located in Colorado that is dedicated to gathering unique and original music & art and exposing it to the world. We promote local artists, organic and original art from different regions, home-grown musical projects and bring them into the public eye. Our intention is to build strong bonds with friends old and new, to create a family with a foundation built on community and support. MHSM is passionate not only about music but about self-expression and organic art in various forms and manifestations. We focus on originality and possess a deep personal investment in each release and work from our artists. Check out our recent releases on our new label website, or check out our upcoming shows to see where you can catch us next!


The Mile High Sound Movement was started in 2007 by co-founders Project Aspect & Kruza Kid. They were fresh faces in a historical timeframe for Electronic music not only in Colorado, but Nationwide. Their intention for starting an artist collective was to bring their circle of artist friends together and help promote and bring each other up, which is what we’re still about today. Not long after MHSM began, the two co-founders brought on Unlimited Gravity as the Vice President to help spread our message far and wide.


Management Partner, Cris Bachmann, was brought on in 2014 to help take everything to the next level in terms of organization, management, marketing, booking and more. It was shortly after that MHSM Records was launched, MHSM’s own label. With inspiration from other labels such as STS9’s 1320 Records and Austin based Gravitas Recordings, MHSM Records was the next chapter for this artist collective to be able to offer it’s artists key assistance in all fields of the music business.

MHSM artists have been traveling the country and spreading our message through music all across the US, at major festivals and small festivals, big towns and small towns. For us, it always has been and will be about the music and it’s connection with people.


As a close-knit family and artist collective, we do not accept demo submissions for label releases.

This doesn’t mean we don’t want to hear from other artists, we still encourage you to send new music our way and we will support it if we can.

While we wish we could listen to and consider every submission, we aren’t built for that.

The best way to get considered for a future release, would be to connect with us, our artists, become our friend.

The majority of our artists are also located in Colorado.