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12th Annual Sonic Bloom – The Unified Field Continues

Nestled in southern Colorado in Spanish Peaks Country, is a piece of land called Hummingbird Ranch, occupied and adored by many for the enchanting weekend of Sonic Bloom during the Summer Solstice. Us annual Bloomers are eagerly awaiting the return of one of Colorado’s favorite festivals, taking place June 15th-18th. Coming together in The Unified Field is a tradition for many, as Sonic Bloom enters its 12th year. Having evolved from a small festival in Fort Collins, continued growing in Georgetown, The Mishawaka Amphitheater and in South Park. Hummingbird Ranch has been the the home of Sonic Bloom for the past 2 years, and is the new permanent home. Something all the Bloomers are grateful for, because 2014 in South Park was a battle against the elements at two miles in altitude. The Mile High Sound Movement has been a part of Sonic Bloom for nearly a decade! Here’s our tips for a fun weekend.

Serve your mind right. Prepare to engulf in some amazing music and art. Sonic Bloom brings together some of the most amazing artists, with visual and audio art. With artists from Colorado and all over the world, there is so much to resonate with. This years’ musical lineup includes Gigantic Cheese Biscuits (a wild pairing of the 3 bands Big Gigantic, The String Cheese Incident and The Disco Biscuits) as the main headliner, The Floozies, Claude Von Stroke, Ott., Minnesota, Tauk, Random Rab, Kalya Scintilla, Desert Dwellers, The Funk Hunters, iLL.Gates, Unlimited Gravity, ProJect Aspect, Andreilien, David Starfire, Poolside, Marvel Years, Yheti, Maddy O’Neal, Eminence Ensemble and so many more.

Ideally, you should check out names you’ve never heard of! We all know the big names at the top of the lineup, but the experience isn’t complete until you find someone new to love. The Sonic Bloom team does a great job bringing a fresh variety of music and art for everyone to love, especially up and coming artists.  There are many hidden gems that happen during the weekend, so don’t miss out just because you aren’t familiar!

Make sure your weekend budget includes taking home some art or merch. Some of the vendors that we have come to love like Stardust Love, JAMhoops Limited, Grassroots California, and Nomadic Movement bring all the gear and accessories you’ll need to complete your ‘festie’ look at Sonic Bloom and throughout the year. 

Optimize your hydration habits and make sure to drink plenty of water. Sonic Bloom provides FREE water stations to fill up with, just in case you don’t bring enough. Taking care of your body is so important before, during and after the festival. Don’t bring any glass containers, the space is a working cattle ranch and glass is a major risk to the animals. This includes alcohol in glass bottles. Sonic Bloom brings the Cervantes’ bar staff and we all know they pour the best drinks! 

Nourishment is key! Make sure to eat well. It is so important to keep well nourished to have a good time all weekend. Hanging out in the sun and staying up late all weekend means your body is going to need a little extra love, so take care of yourself and those around you. Plus, we all know none of us can even resist Super Heady Tacos, or any of the other favorites like Sol Tribe, Thai BBQ and Rama Bowl, that keep coming back every year to help keep us nourished. 

MHSM Artists Performing at Sonic Bloom 2017

Be sure to check out the MHSM Artists performing this year:

Unlimited Gravity, Project Aspect, kLL sMTH, Lucid Vision, Homemade Spaceship

The last time Unlimited Gravity played Sonic Bloom.

The last time ProJect Aspect played Sonic Bloom.

kLL sMTH EP Release Party 2016

Lucid Vision – Sold Out – Bluebird Theater 2017 Recap

Check out Homemade Spaceship’s latest EP

Check out this collab track with
Unlimited Gravity and Lucid Vision

Cherish your neighbors and make some new friends! The best part of the festival community is meeting the other family out there. Be kind to one another, and take care of each other. 
Be prepared for any weather! This is Colorado, and sometimes the weather can change in an instant so make sure you have warm, dry clothes just in case.

Look out for one another during Sonic Bloom and always, we are all in this together. The best experiences happen when we all come together to have a good time.
Opportunities for education are abundant at Sonic Bloom! Check out the workshop lineup and make sure to attend a few! The teachers bring amazing wisdom and you’re bound to learn a few tricks and life-hacks to take with you back into the real world.

Only bring the things you need. Sonic Bloom does provide trash removal and recycling, but keep it to a minimum, and try to pack out what you pack in.  And remember to pick up your campsite when your done. We want to continue to come back to Hummingbird ranch for years to come, so respect the land.

The Mile High Sound Movement will be in full force at the festival! So make sure to check out our 5 artists performing. If you see any of the crew, stop and say hello! Our family is your family, and we love building up our inclusive community. 

The biggest tip of all: HAVE FUN! Sonic Bloom provides a safe and fun space for all of us to come together and let loose. See you all out there in the Unified Field!


The Unified Field – Sonic Bloom Denver Pre-parties are this weekend at Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom!

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