Our first ever producer contest was held earlier this Spring. It was such an overwhelming success, that we decided to take the top 10 runner-ups and release those tracks on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. This complication features artists all across the globe including Russian artist Ingerslip with his tune Inhalatio. As well as several colorado bass music artists that are making waving in the scene. Hope you enjoy some new colorado bass music straight from our team at Mile High Sound Movement.

Here are the amazing artists featured in the runner up contest.
Advanced Suite https://soundcloud.com/AdvancedSuite
Eyes Ahead  https://soundcloud.com/EyesAheadMusic
FullyMaxxed https://soundcloud.com/fullymaxxed
Ingerslip https://soundcloud.com/ingerslip
Gioto + Jessica Borth https://soundcloud.com/GiotoMusic
Krushendo https://soundcloud.com/Krushendo-Music
Omega https://soundcloud.com/Omega_Sounds
Phlo https://soundcloud.com/phlo-3
Still Point https://soundcloud.com/still_point
Thought Process https://soundcloud.com/thought_process_music

Artwork by David Baca